Juki QVP Longarm Sit Down Quilting Machine

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Juki TL-2200 QVP-S Long Arm Sit Down Machine

The Juki TL-2200QVP-S Quilt Virtuoso Pro Long Arm Sit Down Quilter is a free motion quilter's dream!

The touch screen panel has many options. It can be programmed with Various stitch speeds, Needle programmed to always stop up or always stop down, automatic thread trimming or manual command..

The machine is 18" x 10" and comes with an adjustable table up to 50" wide! Built in Basting, Laser Point Guide, Automatic Under-bed Thread Trimmers with foot control, Big M Bobbins, Direct Drive Motor, Dry head limited oiling, and Auxiliary Hand Wheel.

This is the same machine as the TL-2200QVP and can be mounted on the standing frame if the quilter would like to upgrade later..

Machine Head Weight is 57 Pounds.


•18.25" x 10.25" oversize arm space to right of needle is the largest workspace of any 18" longarm on the market. (55% more workspace than Tin Lizzie 18x6" Arm. 25% more than HandiQuilter Avanti).

•Side Mount Hand Wheel which is easy to reach and eliminates the need reach around to the back of machine for main hand wheel.

•Independent M bobbin winding system allows winding bobbins while quilting, or when not quilting.

•Optional Leafs can make the adjustable table up to 50" wide

•Cruise Control Speed Settings as a percentage of 2200SPM maximum.

•6-16 Stitches Per Inch Settings for Stitch Length using Stitch Regulator

•Baste to 3SPI Stitches Per Inch (1/2" 1" and 1.5")

•Presser Foot Adjustable Height for Fabric and Batting Thicknesses, 0-4mm with Slotted Presser Foot Height Adjustment

•0.5mm Recommended Distance from Bottom of Foot to Needle Plate when Foot and Needle are in lowest position. Adjustable for quilt thickness to prevent fabric from flagging (riding up and down on needle.)

•Tack or Stay Stitch to make three stitches in place, and stop with needle up or down.

•Needle Up or Down Settings will always stop with needle in fabric, or needle out of fabric

•Needle Eye Guard to be installed at time of machine set up.

•Presser Foot Lever to be installed at time of machine set up.

•Two spool thread stand to be installed at time of machine set up.

•Automatic or Manual Activation of both Top and Bottom Thread Trimming at the same time, the only quilting machine on the market with these features.

•Super Bright LED No-heat lights above needle (4) and on both left and right handles (3 each).

•Machine Bed Size: 18.25x10.25" (187 square inches) between needle and neck of machine

•Speed: 2200 SPM Stitches Per Minute Maximum Speed Settings. Highest in Manual Free Motion Mode

•Machine Head Weight 26Kg or 57 Pounds

•Compatible with $5000 Grace Quilt Motion, Grace $2000 Creative Touch Pad Upgrade, Robotic Quilting Systems.

Included Accessories:

•Laser Stylus mounted on front handles (or optional rear handles)

•3 Wire Safety Power Cord for 110V Plug In

•Exclusive screwdriver for needle set screw, removing needle plate, etc

•Screwdriver Flat Blade

•Cleaning brush

•Aluminum M Bobbins (4pcs.) 5 Bobbins (1 in machine)

•Oiler with Oil for Rotary Hook

•Needles (134R #18) 10 Needles Size 18, 134R (same as 135x5)

•Spool cap for cylinder spools, when not using cones

•Thread stand components for quilting and bobbin thread supply

•Needle Eye Guard Assembly components

•Accessory Bag

•Instruction Manual Book

•Instruction Manual CD

•Needle Eye protection safety cover components

•Presser bar lifting lever components

•Thread guide pin

•Masking seal

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