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  • Anti-Tarnish cloth keeps tarnish producing gases in the air from reaching your silver
  • Sold by the yard, 58" wide - One continuous cut (Quantity 2 is a single 2 yard piece, Quantity 3 is a single 3 yard piece)
  • Perfect for storing sterling silver, silver plate or other precious metals
  • Ideal for making storage pouches for flatware or jewelry - line cabinets, drawers or chests
  • Silver cloth will be effective for years. Do not wash (washing removes the anti-tarnish properties)

Anti-tarnish Silver Cloth sold by the yard. Double-napped, 100% cotton flannel. Made in the USA. This fabric is a heavyweight 100% cotton flannel that is impregnated with a proprietary compound to provide tarnish protection for your precious metals. This leaves the fabric Kenized, which is the brand name of the chemical process. Kenized SilverShield is the standard for the industry. Both sides of the fabric are coated, so either side will protect your silver. It is best to store the fabric in a dry place where it won't get wet. Water or moisture can affect its ability to keep your fabric from tarnishing. Keeps sliver bright and shiny. Make simple wraps, bags and rolls for flatware and jewelry. Great for liners in Silver Chests, Equestrian Accessory Maintenance, Fabric Conversion, Giftware Packaging, Jewelry Packaging and Padding, Packaging Material, Packaging Pads, Pouches, Silver Storage, and General Tarnish Prevention. This fabric is designed to be stored with the silver to keep it tarnish free over time. If you are looking for cloth that can polish, check out our Glendale Polish Cloth Sets. Cloth will last for years. Do Not Wash or Dry Clean - it will remove the anti-tarnishing treatment. 100% Cotton Flannel 60" Wide Quantity of 1 = 1 yard Sold by the full yard only Multiple yards are one continuous cut If you put in the quantity box 5, you would get a 5 yard continuous piece of fabric. We cut off 100 yard rolls as ordered. If you need more than 100 continuous yards, let us know, we can accommodate your needs. Bulk orders are no problem, we can customize an auction to fit your needs!