Championship Invitational Teflon Stain Resistant Woolen Billiard Pool Table Cloth Black for 7 Foot Table

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Item # 400667 Condition: Brand New Status: In Stock Color: Black This listing is for a 7' Championship Invitational with Teflon Woolen Billiard/Pool Table Cloth Kit. This is listing is for the fabric to recover the table, not the table itself. Championship makes some of the bestselling and highest quality Billiard/Pool Table cloth around. Their Invitational line of fabric is extremely popular with hobbyists and pros alike. Invitational fabric is a 20oz weight cloth consisting of a 75% woolen and 25% nylon blend to provide a long lasting playing surface for your table. The fabric is bathed in (not sprayed on) DuPont Teflon before the cloth is produced to provide the most spill/stain protection available. After the fabric is bathed in Teflon it goes through the active shearing process. This ensures that there minimal piling and a consistent level playing surface that will last for years to come. Features: Woolen Billiard Fabric 20oz Weight 75% Wool / 25% Nylon Blend DuPont Teflon for True Water and Stain Resistance Vivid Color Selection Top Quality Durable Kit Includes: Pre-cut fabric to cover a 7 foot Billiards/Pool Table bed Fabric for the rails Two pieces of matching chalk Two spots If you cut the fabric, it can not be returned. Please double check before installing and contact us with any questions.